Research group / Soil and Water Resources Management and Ecological Engineering


Water and Soil Resources Management and Ecological Engineering




Ming-Hsi Hsu

River hydraulics, estuarine environment and ecology, environmental fluid mechanics, flood mitigation

Tsun-Kuo Chang

Watershed management, water and wastewater treatment, soil remediation, environmental forensic

Jen-Chen Fan

Soil mechanics, debris flow, nonpoint source pollution, geotechnical engineering, slopeland hazard mitigation

Fi-John Chang

Water resources management, statistics, hydroinformatics, artificial neural network, fuzzy control, evolutional computation

Hung-Pin Huang

Soil and water conservation, environmental impact assessment, sediment transport and hydraulic experiment

Chen-Wuing Liu

Groundwater ecology, groundwater pollution, porous media flow, contaminant transport

Yih-Chi Tan

Groundwater, porous media flow, disaster management , irrigation and drainage , hot springs , land subsidence

Wen-Lian Chang

Ecological engineering, wetland engineering, environmental physics and chemistry

Ming-Daw Su

Geographic information systems, irrigation management, water resources planning and management, spatial decision support systems

Chung-Min Liao

Indoor air quality, eco-toxicological simulation, dynamic analysis and control of biosystems

Ke-Sheng Cheng

Stochastic hydrology, satellite remote sensing, environmental statistics and risk assessment, geostatistics, stochastic simulation and modeling of hydrological processes

Fu-Chun Wu

Ecohydraulics, riverine habitat morphodynamics, stochastic hydraulics, environmental water resources, ecological modeling and risk assessment

Tsang-Jung Chang

Computational hydrodynamics, flood risk assessment, eco-environmental fluid mechanics, computational wind engineering, renewable energy

Vivian Hsiu-Chuan Liao

Environmental biotechnology, molecular toxicology, environmental medicine, environmental risk assessment

Associate Professor

Hwa-Lung Yu

Environmental information synthesis modeling, temporal GIS and numerical development of advanced functions, human exposure and integrative risk assessment, spatiotemporal stochastics and geostatistics

Assistant Professor

Rita Sau-Wai Yam

Freshwater ecology, statistical modeling, biomonitoring, ecological restoration, conservation biology

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