Research Areas

Our teaching and research activities fall into three major divisions:

(1)Bioenvironment Engineering

(2)Soil and Water Resources Engineering

(3)Environmetnal Informatics and Systems Engineering

1. Soil and water contamination

1. Water resources engineering

1. Environmental systems analysis

2. Environmetnal rehabilitation

2. Irrigation and drainage

2. Geographic information systems

3. Estuary and wetland conservation

3. Flood and drought forecasting

3. Environmental remote sensing

4. Bioenvironmetn systems control

4. Natural hazards reduction

4. Spatial modeling

5. Bioenvironmental toxicology

5. Soil erosion and soil and water conservation

5. Water resources planning and management

6. Ecohydraulics

6. Groundwater contamination and management

6. Hydroinformatics

7. Architectural design and environmental planning

7. Porous media flow

7. Enviornmental decision support system

8. Environmental microclimate

8. Watershed management

8. Sustainable development

9. Bioenvironmental mechanics

9.Environmental impact assessment

9.Environmental monitoring

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