Future Development

The Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering (BSE) was formerly known as the “Department of Agriculture Engineering”, which was originally found as the “Agriculture Engineering Lecture” of Agriculture division in Taihoku Imperial University back in 1929. In other words, we have a long and distinguished history at National Taiwan University. With the rapid development of society and economics, the BSE department has gradually increased the proportion of land and water resources engineering and management technologies. At the current stage, the concept of sustainable coexistence with the ecosystems and the environments has gradually received attention. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the irrigation and drainage, and water and soil resources engineering technologies, the priority research directions of the BSE department are focusing on ecological and environmental engineering, bioenvironmental and facility systems engineering, groundwater development and pollution prevention, environmental system analysis and sustainable development, rural architecture and environmental planning, and bioenvironmental informatics.

The highlighting courses of the BSE department includes hydrology, environmental chemistry, soil science, biomechanics, remote sensing technologies, information management, environmental ecology, ecological engineering, and prevention of water and soil disasters. We have been dedicating our efforts in cultivating young professional talents in the fields of bioenvironmental systems engineering, water and soil resources and ecological engineering, and environmental systems and information management. We also emphasize the capacity to develop and apply engineering techniques and management scientific methods to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystems and the environments, while supporting the sustainable society and sustainable economy.