Our Goals

The vision of our department is to provide far-sighted teaching and innovative research programs that not only help the students to become outstanding bioenvironmental engineers and managers but also to develop innovative skills and an international perspective. As the teaching goals, we educate our students to excel in the following core skills:

(1) Proficient in theoretical analysis in mathematics, ecology, environmental science, engineering, and modern technology fields.

(2) Designing and implementing experiments to provide robust explanations of bioenvironmental systems data.

(3) Competent in applying the advanced knowledge of remote sensing, geographic information systems and computer modeling to facilitate the analyses of bioenvironmental systems and related decision-making.

(4) Professional-oriented capability to solve problems related in bioenvironmental systems engineering, such as ecology, agricultural environment, and water and soil resources engineering.

(5) Ability to communication, coordination and collaboration with people from other disciplines.

(6) Creative leadership with global vision and socially conscientious personalities.

We strongly encourage the international students to join us. We also invite international research institutes to develop close relationships and collaborative R&D programs with us for joint developing more thorough training in basic bioenvironmental systems science and its applied engineering and further broaden the careers for students.