Research Areas

Our teaching and research activities fall into two major areas :

Sustainable Environmental Planning and Green Building Design

1. Green Building and Rural Planning
2. Environmental Impact Assessment
3. Green Energy and Carbon Sequestration
4. Environmental Changes Modeling and Monitoring
5. Informatics and Systems Analysis
6. Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptive Management for Climate Change
7. Sustainable Watershed Management
8. Hydroinformatics and Ecohydrology
9. Analysis and Planning of Water Resources Systems 

Soil and Water Resources Management and Ecological Engineering

1. Disaster Mitigation
2. Mitigation of Flood and Drought Hazards
3. Debris Flow and Landslide
4. Control of Land Subsidence
5. Reduction of Soil and Groundwater Pollution
6. Irrigation and Drainage Management
7. Green Construction and Landscape Planning
8. Paddy Ecology and Environment
9. Soil and Water Resources and Ecological Restoration
10. Ecology of Wetlands and Ecological Restoration
11. Ecological Risk Analysis and Ecosystem Simulation