Opportunities of International Activities

Participation in International Conferences

In order to encourage the students to participate in international academic conferences and publish conference research articles, the BSE Department has been developing subsidy programs for graduate students who plan to attend the international conferences. We believe that the development of the programs could encourage graduate students and professors to attend international conferences, participate in cross-border interdisciplinary collaborative R&D programs research, and cultivate research and presentation skills. The programs would also expand our international horizons, strengthen research capabilities, and establish international research exchanges and cooperation. Please note that these subsidy programs particularly are provided to Graduate Students who did not successfully get the international travel grants from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and/or the Ministry of Education (MOE)

The BSE department is aggressively promoting the exchanges and collaborations with international accredited academic institution. For instance, we have been recently assisting the College to sign a MOU with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We also continuously organized the Annual Meeting of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering (PAWEES) together with professors and experts from Japan and Korea last year. For instance, in the PAWEES Annual Meeting at Taipei in 2011, we presented the Taipei Declaration, aiming to strengthen the exchange and academic collaboration among the three parties. In addition, the NTU and the College of Bioresources & Agriculture have signed exchange student programs with many internationally accredited universities to encourage and assist the students to obtain the opportunity to be international exchange students, and to train students to become international talents for increasing the competitiveness of graduate students in the future.

The relevant information regarding Opportunities of International Activities can be referred to
(1) Office of International Affairs, NTU: https://oia.ntu.edu.tw/
(2) Center for International Agricultural Education & Academic Exchanges, College of Bioresources & Agriculture, NTU: http://ciaeae.bioagri.ntu.edu.tw/?locale=en